Young Ju

About the Artist:

My name is Young Ju Choi.
I'm a freelance illustrator from South Korea, and I'm currently staying in Savannah, GA for college.
My major medium is watercolor because the water contains the life and I found the similarity between water flow and our life path. Therefore, watercolor is used as a representable method of life in my art and I generally paint about human emotions, nature, and social problem as my main concepts.
I love to see people smiles, so my goal is to make whole world smiles by helping them communicate easier each other through my art. I wish my art could be a bridge among people in the world to connect them each other, and make them feel free to share their feelings and messages.
I hope my art could help people to get closer each other and get along better. Then, one day it can hold the world peaceful with smiles all over. I will draw and paint until the whole world could smile !!
young ju has a soft fun style that is incredibly eye catching chexk out her links below
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