Sarah Fox

About The Artist:

I am a weirdo, feminist art girl who grew up outside of Houston, Texas. My mother is an amazing artist, and she raised me and my sister on magic, imagination and Hamburger Helper. I've been painting and making art for as long as I can remember. In kindergarten I drew picture of myself in my new glitter, jelly-sandals. They were awesome, and I still have a soft spot for glitter. Now, I'm a grown up living in tiny apartment in San Antonio, Texas with my sweet husband, two cats and a stubborn chihuahua named Liza Minnelli. I paint in our living room all day while listening to old British murder mysteries.
My work deals with the untold memories of women. I am inspired by the stories of strength and silent struggle from the women of our past. These fascinating experiences are often overlooked by history. My paintings and prints are an attempt to remember and re-imagine these experiences in order to keep them alive. They are modern day fairy tales pieced together from memories and dreams of the women from my past.
I am also particularly interested in the decorative arts many women used to express themselves such as quilting or embroidery. These art forms provided an important outlet for expression, and their overlapping pattern and color fill our memories. The collage and patterning in my pieces replicate these blurry memories.

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