Heather Shirin

About the Artist:
Heather Shirin is a creative mixed media painter. Shirin is pronounced ‘sure-een’- it is Persian meaning “sweet, gentle and kind”... it is her middle name.

Heather works out of her home studio having attained her BFA in oil painting in 1997. Heather’s current work is acrylic painted directly on deep birch panels, purposely allowing the wood grain to come thru in the female figure’s skin. The series focuses on using fine art papers, metallic paints and gold leaf to create their solid hair, clothing and the background designs. The women’s long hair is another design element displaying an important feature of her signature style. The goal is to capture emotion and beauty.... to make the viewer stop and reflect upon their own feelings when reviewing the work.

“Each piece becomes my favorite as I create it, and each time I make a beautiful painting come to life - something inside me feels alive. This making of art - the process alone is what makes my heart sing.”

The artists that have influenced her recent work include Gustav Klimt, Alphonse Mucha, and contemporary artists such as Kelly Rae Roberts, Audrey Kawasaki, Sabrina Ward Harrison and Amy Sol. She has illustrated a children’s book, “Alex and the Amazing Recurring Nose Goblins”, and continues to sketch before each painting.

Heather is interested in group exhibitions, selling her line of note cards, magnets and prints and being represented in national galleries. If you are interested in learning more about Heather Shirin’s work or would like to carry her line of art please contact Heather at info(at)heathershirin.com.

“Painting is my love, my passion....being in the studio just makes me happy.” - Heather Shirin

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