Santiago Hardy

About the Artist:
"my name is santiago hardy (aka go modernart) i am 42 years old.
i reside in Lost Angeles, CA. i have been creating art in one form or another ever since
i can remember. i began with crayons, then pencils, markers and ballpoint pens, leading
up to technical pens, various mediums of painting, and now vector based art."

artwork: "this a part of a series of vector based illustrations i have been working on over
the past 2 years. they are all a direct nod / homage to both Robert Blue and Patrick Nagel.

i found that the impeccably pristine / sleek fundamentals of digital art lends itself effortlessly
to the equally clean / strict modernist style that both of those artist seemed to have perfected
by their own physical means, in their own time periods.

what started out a simple contemporary take on their now classic 1980's pop styles, over time,
rapidly became a way for me to explore not only their artistic point of view, but also my own attention
to detail via their lush take on what they deemed the feminine muse, and the power of female beauty
and mystique as they saw it, and now - - as i have attempted to transmit.

hopefully, i have done them both justice in my own way... "
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