Friday, September 7, 2012

Simply Human

Good morning to all!

Here I am... sitting in bed, just waiting... Waiting for inspiration and motivation to finally kick in...

I reach for my phone on the side of the bed and begin to scroll through all of the artists that I have. I'm not in the mood for something so loud... Yet not in the mood for something so soothing, like something you'd hear at a Spa.

Then I remembered that I bought an album from Morgan Taylor Reid on iTunes the other day and decided to hear him out.

I love it. All of his songs on iTunes actually... Especially "Brighter," and "Stay Where You Are," which is on his "Simply Human" album.

If you are in the mood for some thinking quality music, he's definitely the go-to guy for you...

He just recently made a remake of "5 Steps" by the Davenports, and it is now the main theme song to the show Intervention.

So sit back, grab that coffee... Maybe a bite to eat, and maybe listen to some Morgan Taylor Reid.


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